Drywall Installation

Applying drywall to walls and ceilings requires the use of specialised drywall nails or screws that hold the thick sheets firmly in place while penetrating the gypsum without fracturing it. The drywall is secured with screws and nails that are driven slightly below the surface. Following installation, the seams and indentations are filled using specialised plastering materials that are troweled on.

Drywall Taping & Texture

You may be familiar with a few different drywall textures if you’re like the majority of do-it-yourselfers. But there are many different drywall texture kinds, from the superficially straightforward to the startlingly intricate.

Drywall finishing & Patch work

We take care of all the drywall’s repairs and patching.


Water Damage & Moisture Resistance

Drywall that is resistant to water has been available for more than 25 years. Because of its green paper front, it is referred to as “greenboard” in the trade. When used precisely as it was intended to be used, the product is excellent. 


Sound Proofing

Soundproof drywall is a very effective soundproofing material with improved noise-reducing capabilities for interior walls.

The purpose of these unique drywall panels, which are constructed of several layers of various materials, is to raise the bulk of the wall and lessen the amount of sound that may pass through to another room.

Insulation Installation

Your home should include cosy, livable spaces in each area. It is obvious when you have cold flooring and walls, mould growth, or ice development on your roof that your home’s insulation may need to be improved.

T-Bar & Acoustic Ceiling

The soil is forced through ribbed, “T”-shaped bars with a flat metal plate at the bottom. chain link fence posts, and to indicate the sites of a water meter hole.
dBA Panels are the ideal solution if you want high performance acoustic ceiling panels that combine sound blocking, absorption, and diffusion into a single product. Silk Metal ceiling tiles should be taken into consideration for high-end ornamental applications that need the highest acoustical control and aesthetic appeal.

Steel Stud Framing

Seel frame will appeal to you because of all the benefits it offers over wood: Straight as a rail are steel studs. They don’t contract or break. Steel studs are lightweight, convenient to store, and resistant to decay, fire, and insects. You’ll also like the fact that steel studs are around 30% less expensive than wood.

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